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Meet Mhagsy Celestino-Pingul 2024 Extraordinary Nurse, Clinical Adult Services

“Mhagsy is an outstanding leader,” said her colleague at the Antioch Medical Center, who nominated her for the Extraordinary Nurse honor. “She led the Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) quality team in achieving success, reducing CAUTI rates in the Antioch Medical Center — making our medical center number one in Northern California.”

Mhagsy Celestino-Pingul, MSN, RN, CCRN, RNM, was awarded the 2024 Extraordinary Nurse Award – Clinical Adult Services. She started at Kaiser Permanente in August 2019 as an Assistant Nurse Manager on the 4th floor Medical-Surgical Unit. Today, as a bedside Intensive Care Unit nurse at the Kaiser Permanente Antioch Medical Center, her primary focus is to advocate for and ensure the well-being of patients.

Celestino-Pingul describes advocating as building a strong rapport with patients and their families, understanding their needs, going above and beyond, and approaching every situation with caring hands and a compassionate heart.

Inspiration for Nursing  

As her grandmother’s primary caregiver, Celestino-Pingul cared for her when she was sick. “I realized I needed more knowledge and experience to care for her. This inspired me to go into nursing,” said Celestino-Pingul.

“My colleagues inspire me, and I’m always open to learning from them. I am also thankful to have a supportive manager, Ramat Momoh, MBA, MS, CCRN-K, HCM, who inspires me with her vision for our unit — providing exceptional care and being the voice of change and improvement.”

Leading with Purpose

Celestino-Pingul shares, “I lead with purpose by actively participating in committee projects, implementing evidence-based strategies, and advocating for positive change. By doing this, I can ensure that my unit delivers the care and solutions my patients deserve.”

Delivering Care Excellence  

In her nomination, Celestino-Pingul was recognized for her responsiveness during an emergency. “Mhagsy was floated to another department when she heard a scream in a patient’s room and ran in without hesitation.

She found the patient unresponsive on the bathroom floor. She called a code and started compressions while instructing the primary nurse to bring a crash cart and updating the patient’s physician,” describes her colleague. The patient and her family were thankful for her quick action. “I feel proud to work with Mhagsy.”

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