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Four Nurses Smiling Holding An Award

Congratulations to our newest DAISY Award Winners

Most nurses choose their career because they have a strong desire to comfort and care for those who are sick or in pain. The best validation they can receive is a compliment or thank you from a patient or family member whose lives they touched so deeply.

The DAISY Award is a way for patients and their families, along with co-workers and volunteers, to recognize the extraordinary effort and compassion that our nurses display every day. Kaiser Permanente is a national DAISY Award hospital partner, and regularly recognizes nurses, nurse leaders and teams who meet the award criteria. We also recently awarded the DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity.

Congratulations to all our new DAISY Award winners! Thank you for providing extraordinary nursing care, every patient, every time.

Nurse holding award certificate
Baby Orsua, RN
5th Floor, Sacramento Medical Center
Brittany Hall, RN
Ambulatory Surgery Unit, South Sacramento
Christi Dalke, RN
Intensive Care Unit, Modesto
Jaspreet Dosangh, RN
Intensive Care Unit, Fresno
Jenna Wendley, RN
Intensive Care Unit, South Sacramento
Mary Ann Pagsoligan, RN Med/Surg, Manteca
Nick Williams, RN
Emergency Dept., South Sacramento
Rebecca Thiel, RN
Intensive Care Unit, South Sacramento
Shelly Kolb, RN
4 North, South Sacramento
DAISY Nurse Leader Award
Kendal Bailey, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, NE-BC
South Sacramento
DAISY Team Award
1 West, Sacramento Medical Center
Intensive Care Unit, Sacramento Medical Center
DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity
Perinatal Health Equity Team, South Sacramento
Elisha Packer, MSN, RN
Daisy Lewis Parker, MSN, RN
Melanie Villa, BSN, RN
Charlene Johnson, MSN, RN
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