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Celebrating Our Certified Nurses

Celebrating nursing commitment this Certified Nurses Day

“Earning my certification is a source of immense pride, symbolizing my unwavering dedication to constantly improving and providing the best care for our patients and community,” said Rayne Soriano, Ph.D., RN, NE-BC,  Regional Director, Professional Excellence & The Kaiser Permanente Scholars Academy.

Every March Certified Nurses Day recognizes nurses who achieve a national board certification, celebrating nurses who demonstrate a deep commitment to professionalism, excellence, safety, and service through achievement of nursing credentialing in their given specialty.

“Certified nurses report a higher level of job satisfaction, and their patients experience improved safety and better clinical outcomes,” said Soriano. “Certification is also an important part of our shared journey to Magnet designation, and reflects our collective commitment to nursing excellence and lifelong learning.”

In Northern California, 15 percent of our nurses are board certified in their chosen specialty. To celebrate the annual recognition day, a few of our nurses share what inspired them to pursue board certification:    

Leslie Anderson, MSN, RN, CCRN, CEN, TCRN
Staff Nurse IV, Intensive Care Unit
Vacaville Medical Center

I was inspired seeing the impact that board certified nurses have on the outcomes of their patients. I feel that staying current with the latest advancements in medicine and putting evidence-based practice into action leads to the highest quality of care for our patients.

To me, becoming certified shows my commitment to excellence and competence which enhances credibility, confidence and trust with my patients and their families. With advanced knowledge, I’m better equipped to treat and manage my patients which leads to improved patient satisfaction.

Certification offers an opportunity for personal and professional growth, and opens the doors to new opportunities. Kaiser Permanente provides financial assistance through vouchers and tuition reimbursement so why not take advantages of the opportunity!


Joy Ann Davila, BSN, RN, PCCN
Assistant Nurse Manager, Cardiothoracic Telemetry and Medical Telemetry
Santa Clara Medical Center

I have been a critical care nurse for many years working with a diverse group of patients. These experiences gave me the confidence to pursue certification. I want to be proud of myself and tell everyone that I have that specialized body of knowledge and practice in critical care.

Obtaining certification has demonstrated my commitment to professional development and dedication to staying current with latest clinical standards, especially in my role in leadership – I want to lead by example.  Kaiser Permanente patients and members feel safe and secure knowing they have nurses that provide the highest level of care. It aligns with our mission and vision to be the world leader in improving health.

Go for it! There are so many benefits and thoughtful recognitions that come with getting certified. You will become more marketable in your field, you can help your patients more effectively,  and you will enhance your knowledge and expertise and demonstrate competency and professionalism to others. Don’t give it a doubt.

Assistant Nurse Manager, Emergency department
Santa Rosa

I want to be the best nurse I can for our members. National certification indicates competency in a specialty area which contributes to improved patient outcomes and quality of care. I pursued certification for personal growth and professional development opportunity.

To my colleagues considering certification, don’t be scared – just go for it! You can do it. I believe in you!


Roy Pinca, BSN, RN, MSBC
Staff Nurse II, Medical Surgical
Sacramento Medical Center

Board certification was important to me because I wanted to be up to date with current nursing practice in Medical Surgical. Becoming certified impacted my role as a nurse significantly – it boosted my confidence, and it validates that after all these years of practice, I continue to deliver high level, quality care for my patients.

I encourage my colleagues to challenge themselves and to never stop seeking advancement in their practice whenever they are – Med Surge, Tele, ICU, ED, etc.

Get certified! Click here to learn more about resources offered to our nurses.


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