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Antioch team unified mission against CAUTIs

“NO Foley… No CAUTI,” was a concerted effort to eliminate Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs) through an evidence-based Foley Catheter Removal Protocol at the Antioch Medical Center. The initiative propelled Antioch Medical Center into the Top 5 for the lowest CAUTI rates within the Northern California region, from October 2022 to August 2023.

“As nurses, we take care of patients 24/7, and this protocol was revised multiple times with constant input from our Urology Department,” said co-lead and CAUTI Champion Mhagsy Celestino, RN. “The team attributes our success to remarkable interprofessional collaboration, uniting nurses, physicians, infection preventionists, and quality experts.”

Originating from an intensive quality improvement endeavor, this protocol marks a significant cultural shift towards a motivated and accountable care environment. “We even had a comprehensive protocol for monitoring, wherein once the nurses document the Foley catheter, we instantly have the computerized data and our ANMs also diligently help us monitor for success,” added Celestino. “This achievement underscores the profound impact of compassion, teamwork, and evidence-based practice on patient care.”

The protocol’s success is sustained by ongoing education, creative outreach, and enduring change. “An educational ‘roadshow’ and innovative strategies, including a music video, to engage and educate nurses, resulted in significant participation and feedback. We were able to reach a lot of nurses through education and we got an 85% return rate from other services including flyers and a huddle guide we created,” said Celestino.

“Antioch Medical Center’s battle against CAUTIs exemplifies the power of professional governance and collaborative initiatives in driving significant patient care improvements,” added Celestino. “This protocol grants nurses the autonomy and independence to do what’s best for our patients.”

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