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Meet Extraordinary Nurse Mary Briones-Gomez, 2024 Continuum Leader of the Year

Mary Briones-Gomez, MSN, RN, CHPN, was awarded the 2024 Extraordinary Nurse Award – Continuum Leader of the Year. She is the Supportive Care Services Department Manager in the Greater Southern Alameda Area and has worked for Kaiser Permanente since 1998. In her role, she manages the palliative care team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, medical social workers, and an administrative staff member.  Prior to her leadership role, Mary was an advice nurse for continuing care, a case manager, and clinical practice consultant in palliative care.

“Mary is the ideal manager,” her team said in the Extraordinary Nurse Award nomination for Briones-Gomez. “She leads by example with kindness, understanding, flexibility, humor, and transparency.”

Inspiration for Nursing

“I come from a family of nurses, and they inspired me growing up – seeing these strong, intelligent women who loved making a difference in patients’ lives while also taking care of their families,” said Briones-Gomez. “I was always drawn to an occupation where I could help and serve the public.”

Leading with Purpose

“I lead with purpose by being accountable, advocating for my patients and team, providing access to care for seriously ill patients – many at the end of their lives – and providing knowledge to help nurture others,” said Briones-Gomez.

“My purpose is to care for and support my family, patients, and my team the best I can. It brings me joy at home and at work,” added Briones-Gomez.

Briones-Gomez team credits her leadership for improving employee satisfaction, as demonstrated in People Pulse scores between 2022 and 2023. “She creates a culture of celebration in the department and knows everyone’s birthday, work anniversary, and acknowledges all major life milestones,” they said.

Delivering Care Excellence

“Extraordinary nursing to me is the dedication to providing compassionate care to support patients, families, and colleagues to make a difference every day,” said Briones-Gomez.

“Additionally, my nurse colleagues are compassionate, exceptional nurses who go the extra mile to help others in their personal and professional lives,” Briones-Gomez said. “They inspire me to learn and strive to do the best job I can do every day.”

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