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Meet Extraordinary Nurse Erica Dixon, 2024 Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Emerging Nurse Leader of the Year

A nurse for 12 years, Erica Dixon, BSN, RN, joined Kaiser Permanente as a Nurse Manager in the Perioperative Department at the Fresno Medical Center in 2023, and is named a 2024 Emerging Nurse Leader of the Year.

“Erica walked into a leadership void and a had monstrous learning curve.  Despite that, Erica found her bearings quickly and was up in running within the unit at an extraordinary pace,” said a colleague who nominated her for the Extraordinary Nurse Award. “She quickly learned the flow of her new unit and the individuals that made up her staff. “

Inspiration for Nursing

Dixon shares the diversity of the profession is what inspired her to become a nurse. “There are so many different avenues you can take but at the end of the day you are still helping others,” she said. “Nurses can make a big difference in someone’s life.”

Leading with Purpose

“As a nurse leader, leading with purpose involves aligning your actions, decisions, and behaviors with your core values, vision, and mission,” she explained.

She takes the time to reflect on her personal values, as well as the mission and vision of our Kaiser Permanente, and looks for ways to contribute to the broader goals of providing excellent patient care and fostering a positive environment for her team.

While new in her role, her nominator shared “Erica picked up extra shifts to support her staff, our providers, and most importantly our members.  She did this while leading from the front with her staff.  This provided credibility to her relationships, built trust with those around her, and made an impact on our patients we serve.”

“My purpose as a nurse leader deeply influences how I show up to work every day,” said Dixon. “It drives me to lead by example, demonstrating integrity, compassion, and resilience in my actions and decisions. I prioritize open communication, active listening, and transparency to foster trust and collaboration among team members.”

Delivering Care Excellence

Dixon strives to empower and inspire my team to deliver the highest quality of care while also prioritizing their well-being and professional development.

“I make it a priority to stay informed about current healthcare trends, best practices, and innovations, so I can effectively guide my team and adapt to evolving challenges and opportunities,” she shared.

Since joining Kaiser Permanente, Erica has been involved in the Nursing Unit Council and several department committees. “This has allowed Erica to influence her staff and nudge the practice in the unit to support innovation, excellence in patient care, as well as personal growth and development,” shared her colleague.

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